This page will be updated regularly with updates regarding the construction of the Town of North Andover's new two story, 13,500 square foot senior center that will be located at the corner of Sutton Street and Surrey Drive.

Week of 2/14/22: Steel beams were welded, roof decking was installed, and temporary safety rails were installed around the structure.

Week of 2/1/22: Steel erection continued.

Week of 1/29/22: All foundation walls and footings have been installed and formed. The interior of the foundation walls are insulated. Steel was delivered to the site and framing has begun. The building is starting to take shape.

Week of 12/27/21: Foundation walls and footings continue to be installed, including for the building's future elevator shaft. Rigid insulation is being installed on the inside of the foundation walls. This work will continue into mid-January.

Week of 12/13/21: All site preparation work is complete and a trailer has been installed on-site. A reinforced concrete foundation is being installed in sections. This process is expected to be complete in mid-January.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - North Andover Senior Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

Week of 10/11/21: Only one wall currently remains on the parcels of land at the corner of Sutton Street and Surrey Drive. The two existing buildings have been demolished in preparation for construction of the new structure.

The Town's Senior Center construction team met on July 27, 2021 to discuss logistics for moving the project forward. From left to right: Andrew Shapiro (Director of Community and Economic Development ), Dee Casey (Deputy Town Manager), Paul Hutchins (Inspector of Buildings), Kathy Shelp (Council on Aging Director), Abe Hafiana (Castagna Construction), Jeff Rollins (Castagna Construction), Adam Tabbert (Hill International - Town's Project Manager), Paul Kalous (Hill International - Town's Project Manager), John Catlin (Catlin Architects), Dan Artz (Catlin Architects).